Exploring Ethiopian Omo Valley


Ethiopian ,Omo Valley

The Southern lower Omo Valley region is a unique place for diversified, indigenous tribes with their original culture. The women of the Mursi tribe cut their lower lips to insert the clay plates which is a symbol of beauty and respect. The Kara, the Benna, the Dassenech, the Bodi, the Arbore and the Hamer are the main tribes living in the south-east lower Omo Valley area. All of them have a unique, characteristic lifestyle that is varied as the tribes themselves. They distinguish one from the other. They are experts on body painting which is designed for ritual initiation and aesthetic reasons to attract the opposite sex.

The Hamer, Kara and Benna are known for their Bull Jumping Ceremony a ritual passage for young boys to pass through from childhood to adulthood.

As we will be visiting different tribes they all have different norms and customs. The people of the villages we visit are very kind and hospitable and we need to respect their way of living. We need to concentrate on experiencing their culture and become part of it.