TIA “This Is Africa” tour and travel agency aims to facilitate socially responsible, eco-conscious, and culturally sensible travel experiences. At TIA, we take pride in providing you not simply with a one-size-fits-all tourist package, but instead create a custom-tailored itinerary that will cater to your individual needs and desires. We are specialized in supporting you through the entire planning stages of your trip, giving you travel recommendations and close guidance throughout the process.

While we place a high importance on making your travel experience as fun-filled as possible, we at TIA believe that each travelling experience should serve you with a bigger purpose.

Our goal is to create lasting memories by introducing you to the various captivating local customs and traditions and to connect you with the land and the people of the African continent. We are committed to providing you with high end services, in depth knowledge about culture, history, and geography, and making your experience simply unforgettable.

About the Founder

In 2002, I stumbled into the profession of being a guide, when I assisted an anthropology Professor from Italy on an ethnographic project in Omo Valley, located in the South of Ethiopia. We aimed to better understand and preserve the various indigenous customs and traditions of tribes like the Hammar, the Suri, and the Kara because the tribal populations have been rapidly decreasing in the last decade. This was also the first time in my life I picked up a camera which developed into my life’s passion of photography.

Since then I have traveled with countless people of different nationalities and backgrounds - once I even walked 3 months by foot with a client from Addis to Bahir Dar - to Gondar - to Lalibela- to Axum. So, I literally have seen every part of my country, but even as a local, Ethiopia keeps surprising me and every time I travel, I am discovering new things that I haven't seen before. I have travelled through all of East- and West- Africa, and most of the countries in the Middle-East and Asia.However, the place I feel most at home is Omo Valley. Omo Valley has a very special place in my heart because of the kindness of its people who fearlessly practice their indigenous identity admits an ever-globalizing world.

Over the years, becoming a guide and photographer has turned into my life’s calling and my vision is to turn these passionsinto tangible social change by reshaping the global perception of Africa with the use of positive imagery. Historically,the African continent has often been misrepresented especially in global media outletsby portraying images of poverty, danger, and backwardness. Therefore, I enjoy making it my mission to show fellow travelers the beauty of my continent, the hospitality of the people, and the many things Africa has to offer.
One of the biggest joysof my profession, is to witness cross-cultural exchanges between people who at the first glimpse couldn't be any different. People who speakcompletely different languages, had different up-bringings, and seemingly come from different worlds, but once they interact, they notice that they don't need language to communicate, nor do they have to look alike or come from similar backgroundsto connect - however, they realize what truly connects us, is the simple fact that we are much more similar than different from each other. Being human alone is our connection.

Therefore, the terminology of “tourism” does not even come close in describingof what I do, I see travelling as and educational experience which has the potential to change people’s perceptions about the world, reduce stereotyping and misconceptions. While I deeply enjoy educating and introducing people to my continent, I am grateful to learn just as much from the people who decide to travel with me.