Eastern Ethiopian

Eastern Ethiopia has various natural, anthropological, historical and culturalassets, which makes this region full of multi choice tourist sites. The region lays in Great Rift Valley and its volcanic mountains in Kobar, Erta ale , Depression of Dallol, its muty colored salty hills and other amazing geographical scens are among the natural assets which categorized the place among the scenic sites in the world.

Tourists prefer the area for its mesmeric natural scenery around the eastuary of river Awash, the hot springs, lakes and rivers, wild animals, Ethiopias first national park,Awash national park and many othrs.

Of all the archeological assets that made the area the apex of all tourist sites the famed LUCY is one. The discovery of Ideltu, Selam, Ardi, and many other anicient fossils indicate that the region is center for scientific research.